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"From its early beginnings as a shipping depot for wheat and lumber, to its importance as a fishing village and present role as a regional recreational marina, Bronte is a community defined by its strong ties to the Lake Ontario waterfront."                                                                                                                                                

Bronte Historical Society


Bronte Village Residents Association
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 60057

Hopedale Mall Post Office

Oakville, ON  L6L 6R4



Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park

Bronte Pier & Harbour

Bronte Village

Bronte Beach

Bronte  Yacht Club

Bronte Pool

Sovereign House

Waterfront Trail

Bronte Creek

Bronte Creek Provincial Park & Campground


Shell Park& Skate Park

Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre

South Shell Park & Beach

Leashless Dog Park (WOOF)

Cineplex Cinemas Oakville & VIP


Thank You Shelley!

The BVRA board wants to publicly express thanks to Shelley Thornborrow for her many years of service on the Board of the BVRA as both Vice President and most recently serving as President serving in her third term. At this time, Shelley has chosen to take a less active role in the BVRA and will no longer serve as President. 


Shelley’s tireless efforts over her many years of service in the BVRA is a testimony to her love of community and desire to make a meaningful contribution to the area she loves and calls home. We are pleased that Shelley will continue to serve and advise the BVRA on policy matters. We look forward to her wisdom and guidance as we move forward in our next chapter. 

Meet the BVRA Board
Harry Shea - President/Secretary
Lea Wilkening - VP
Linda Sanelli - Membership/Treasurer
Nathan Cox - Media


Listed below is a summary of both development and site applications filed in Bronte Village. Please visit our Ward 1 Development page to access further information concerning development applications within Ward 1including all relevant documents posted for each application.

Development Applications

Bronte River LP

Bronte River LP - 1300, 1316, 1326, 1342, and 1350 Bronte Road

To permit the development of 38 single detached dwellings, one existing dwelling to remain, one relocated heritage house, one condo block containing 97 units, one buffer block and woodlot block, connected via a series of public and private roads.

Eaglewood Communities Inc.

Eaglewood Communities Inc.
1354 Bronte Road

To permit the development of a four storey residential building with a total of 71 dwelling units and one level of underground parking.

Bronte Road dev

320 Bronte Road Inc.
320, 324, 338, 346, and 350 Bronte Road

To permit the development of a 30-unit residential development. The proposed development consists of 28 new multiple-attached residential dwellings and one new single detached dwelling.
The application also proposes to convert the existing day care facility building to a single detached dwelling. Portions of the property, which are located within the Sixteen Mile Creek Valley lands system, are proposed to be dedicated to the Town of Oakville for incorporation into the Town of Oakville's natural heritage system.


Graywood Developments
2365-2377 Lakeshore Road West

To permit a 9-storey residential building with 180 residential units and 673 square meters of retail space at grade, and a total of 161 parking spaces will be provided with 14 shared spaces for retail and visitor parking and 147 residential spaces located in two levels of underground and surface parking.

New Site Applications

3171 Lakeshore Site

3171 Lakeshore Road West

2220 Marine Drive

2220 Marine Drive

A 4-storey apartment building with supporting documents submitted April, 2022

East St. and Sovereign Street

19 3-storey townhomes with supporting documents submitted June, 2022.

Formerly known as Cudmore Garden, a proposed 27 dual frontage townhomes and 8 semi-detached dwellings on a condominium road with supporting documents submitted March, 2022.


Honouring our History...Guiding our Future

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