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Protect Stable Residential Neighbourhood

Consistent & Transparent Application of the

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The Mayor and Members of Council


Re: Protect Stable Residential Neighbourhoods through Consistent & Transparent Application of the Livable Oakville Plan & Zoning By-laws

I write today deeply concerned that stable neighbourhoods are under threat by developments that do not respect presiding zoning by-laws and the existing character. Furthermore, the decision to settle with the developer and LPAT tribunal decision to uphold the OPA and Zoning By-law amendments regarding the development application and LPAT appeal at the former Cudmore lands are very disappointing, setting a precedent for medium density in stable residential neighbourhoods.


Where is the community voice and representation in this process? Why are we not defending these policies and zoning by-laws vigorously in a consistent and transparent manner? Why do developers feel that they can dictate to the community and municipality on how our town is shaped, nurtured, and developed? Why is the community not a recognized stakeholder in the Planning Act and planning process?


Community advocacy and the municipal and provincial stance around the Glen Abbey LPAT appeal are aligned to the community sentiment expressed with the development application for the former Cudmore Lands. The parallels are quite striking! The Town of Oakville has incurred over $8M to defend the Livable Oakville Plan and oppose the Glen Abbey development application before the commencement of a LPAT hearing expected to last for 20 weeks starting in August 2021. In contrast, the Town of Oakville settles with the developer and provides an easement from Lakeshore Road West without tangible community benefits.


While we realize growth and revitalization needs to occur, it should do so in a planned and balanced manner. That is what we thought the Livable Oakville Plan and its Zoning By-laws were enacted to do. And they were formulated to align with the Provincial Policy Statements and the Regional Plan – so let us take a stand now to defend what is already in place.


We need your help to recognize that the time has come to act together to turn and manage the tide! We need effective and equitable policies and procedures that recognize all stakeholders to the process and allow for transparency,  collaboration and consistency. We need a planning process that implements these equitable policies and does not pit stakeholders against each other and frames a cohesive growth and revitalization plan.


This is not about one development application; this is about our neighbourhoods and our communities! It is time to stop, listen and work together! Develop and innovate together! Build and prosper together!




Oakville Resident