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Midtown Growth Area



Midtown Oakville is one of 25 designated Urban Growth Centers in Ontario, in this case located around the Oakville GO station.  The planning estimates for this high density residential and employment area is for approximately 20,000 residents and jobs by 2031, and 50,000 by 2051.


There are many parallel planning activities currently in progress, with the goal of developing a fresh Official Plan Amendment (OPA) for Midtown by the end of 2023.


Several development proposals have already been submitted for Midtown land parcels, two of which have been referred to the Ontario Land Tribunal for decision.


 It is expected that infrastructure construction will begin in late 2024. 

The Vision

Midtown Oakville is being planned as an urban community where people are able to live, work, and play in walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods, connected to the rest of Oakville by pedestrian, cycling, transit and street networks. It is to be a self-sufficient urban community with tall buildings, open spaces, recreational and retail amenities.   Click here for details on Council's vision and the planning process.

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