Oakville Town-wide Official Plan Review

The Official Plan Review is a process that is undertaken every 5 years to review the official plans that guide development in Oakville. There are three main plans; the Livable Oakville Plan (LOP), the North Oakville East Secondary Plan and the North Oakville West Secondary Plan. There are four main areas of context to note with the review process; Conformity Reviews, Commercial and Employment Lands, Growth Management and North Oakville.

Within the Growth Management Review, we bring special attention to the following studies of which we encourage public input:

The Residential Policy Review is of particular importance with the current rate of infill development in stable residential neighbourhoods. We will follow this review and provide updates. You can also sign up for email updates from the Town of Oakville.

Regional Official Plan Review (ROPR)

The Region of Halton is reviewing its policies as part of a top-down mechanism which started with Provincial Policies Reviews and is mandated by the Planning Act to occur every 5 years. Phase 2 of ROPR is still winding down and there are 6 discussion papers where the public can provide input:

Please review the discussion paper for Integrated Growth Management Strategy which ties into Lands Needs Assessment and the Regional Urban Structure. These policies cascade down to the municipal level of the Oakville Official Plan Review.


Phase 3 of ROPR will focus on 3 key outcomes as a result of input from the discussion areas above:

  • Policy Directions

  • Regional Official Plan (ROP) Amendment

  • Adoption of the ROP